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PSE 3500 Stretch Wrapping Machine
October 17, 2016
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October 17, 2016
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AT-A Fully Automatic Horizontal Stetch
AT-A Horizontal Stretch Wrap Machine Automaticat-a-horizontal-stretch-bAT-A Horizontal Stretch Wrap Machine Automatic

AT-A Fully Automatic

Banding and spiral machines for a large variety of products with different sizes and shape.

Their employment can happen with or without the aid of operator.

Comes in a range of different ring sizes.




Technical Properties

  • Rotation steel unit, high load capacity, driven by wheels which are dragged a belt.
  • Spool holder and gear roller mechanical adjustable clutch.
  • Unit of hooking, holding and cutting
  • Variable number of bandings on head and tail of the product, by programmable terminal
  • Ring rotation speed variable
  • Conveyors speed variable
  • Photocell to detect the product for the start and stop of the wrapping cycle
  • Power supply voltage 220V 50-60 Hz single-phase
  • Air pressure in exercise: 6/7 bar
  • Programmable terminal for the setting of the various parameters and to select one of the 8 the different banding types
  • Fully automatic spiral wrapping cycle
  • Manually adjustable heigth conveyors
  • Vertical pneumatic pressure unit with free rollers infeed and outfeed.

Various Shapes and Sizes

A range of different machines at various shapes and sizes fall under the AT-A category.  Check the specs below to see what version is right for you.

Optional Extras

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