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  • Movitec Saturn S8

    SATURN S8 is a totally automatic pallet stretch ring wrapping machine for wrapping palletized loads with stretch film. The SATURN S8 machine has been designed to cover the markets with maximum productions.

    It is equipped with double unwinder, which allows you to apply two turns of film in a single loop, granting a productive capacity of up to 160 pallets / hour, becoming the fastest machine, without reducing the efficiency and reliability that characterizes our machines.




  • Movitec Saturn S4

    The SATURN S4 wrapper has been designed to cover the markets with medium productions, up to 60 pallets / hour, being the best alternative to the arm wrapping machine.

    The SATURN S4 wrappers equip the best technology available on the market, as well as the rest of our models with higher productive capacity, with electronic tension control and self-adjusting according to the load profile, which prevents film breakage or deformation of the load, ensuring maximum stability with the minimum film consumption.



  • Evoring STE Total CloseATA Total Close
  • Evoring-S Semi AutomaticAT-S Control Panel
  • Express Hornet Heat Shrink GunExpress Hornet Heat Shrink Gun

    Express Hornet Heat Shrink Burner

    Offering a high level of performance with its targeted flame, the HORNET gun has a range of burners from 30 to 160 kW

    Guaranteed for 2 years – parts and labor



  • Vigano Mario FD1300Vigano Mario Film

    Vigano Mario FD 1300

    Machine is designed to apply self-adhesive removable protective film to delicate surfaces.

    Film cutting is automatic with film length cut to the same length as panel.



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