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  • Evoring STE Total CloseATA Total Close
  • Evoring-S Semi AutomaticAT-S Control Panel
  • Express Hornet Heat Shrink GunExpress Hornet Heat Shrink Gun

    Express Hornet Heat Shrink Burner

    Offering a high level of performance with its targeted flame, the HORNET gun has a range of burners from 30 to 160 kW

    Guaranteed for 2 years – parts and labor



  • Vigano Mario FD1300Vigano Mario Film

    Vigano Mario FD 1300

    Machine is designed to apply self-adhesive removable protective film to delicate surfaces.

    Film cutting is automatic with film length cut to the same length as panel.



  • AT-A Fully Automatic Horizontal StetchAT-A Horizontal Stretch Wrap Machine Automatic

    AT-A Fully Automatic

    Banding and spiral machines for a large variety of products with different sizes and shape.

    Their employment can happen with or without the aid of operator.

    Comes in a range of different ring sizes.



  • PSE 3500Stretch PSE 2000

    PSE 3500 Stretch Wrapping Machine

    Carriage inside the column

    Door opening system for more easy, fast and comfortable changing of the film

    Fixed Prestretch-System up to 300% film tension by interchangeable gears

    Automatic cycle with 3 possible wrapping modes (single, cross, rain proof)



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