Horizontal Stretch Wrap Machines

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  • AT-A Total CloseAT-A Total Close

    TC ST Total Close Fully Automatic

    Automatic Packaging System for a total closure of the package (without shrink tunnel) using spools of polyethylene (PE) or air bubble + stretch film.

    The system is equipped in the input with the Transverse Welding Group “ST” which covers the product lengthwise for a perfect closure of the head and tail and in the output with an Horizontal Wrapping Machine.

    Appropriate for the packaging of bulky products with various dimensions that need a complete packaging. This kind of packaging protects the product from all kinds of damages during the transport from the manufacturer to the end customer.

    The system has a control panel furnished with a touch screen directly connected to the PLC control, which enables the programming of all functions. It is possible to customise the programming. Endowed with an interface for the integration in an automatic production line.


  • AT-A Fully Automatic Horizontal StetchAT-A Horizontal Stretch Wrap Machine Automatic

    AT-A Fully Automatic

    Banding and spiral machines for a large variety of products with different sizes and shape.

    Their employment can happen with or without the aid of operator.

    Comes in a range of different ring sizes.



  • Evoring STE Total CloseATA Total Close
  • Evoring-A Fully AutomaticAT-A Horizontal Stretch Wrap Machine Automatic

    Evoring-A Fully Automatic

    Automatic Packaging System with stretch film for profiles and aluminium extrusions.

    The machines of the series EVORING-A are flexible and easy in their use.

    Different diameters of the rotation unit means the range completely covers any type of product category


  • Evoring-S Semi AutomaticAT-S Control Panel
  • AT-S Semi AutomaticAT-A Horizontal Stretch Wrap Machine Automatic