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Vigano Mario FD1300
Vigano Mario FD 1300
October 17, 2016
Vigano Mario TP1300
Vigano Mario TP 1300
October 17, 2016
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Vigano Mario FD 850

Machine is designed to apply self-adhesive removable protective film to delicate surfaces.

Film cutting is automatic with film length cut to the same length as panel.




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Technical Specifications

  • Electrically-welded steel structure
  • Worktable height 900 mm
  • Working width 800mm
  • Application roller fix speed 10m/min
  • Working thicknesses 03/80 mm
  • PVC-covered roller free conveyor
  • Motorized rubberized transport roller
  • Feed motor power 0.25 kW
  • Protection hood open able
  • Synchronised cutting system with photocell movement
  • Film application adjustment with adjustable overlap
  • SIEMENS programmer with job time display
  • Panel guide with rubber wheels sliding along the entire width of the machine
  • Reel spindle with aluminium cones for fastening reel
  • On board control panel
  • Power voltage 400V 50 Hz
  • Colours RAL 9002 RAL 5015 RAL 1007
  • CE mark
  • Overall dimensions: 1400 x 1100 x H1200mm
  • Approximate weight: 310kg

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Further Information

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