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AT-A Fully Automatic Horizontal Stetch
AT-A Fully Automatic
October 17, 2016
PSE 2500
PSE 2500 Stretch Wrapping Machine
October 17, 2016
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PSE 1000 Stretch Wrapping Machine

Carriage inside the column

Door opening system for more easy, fast and comfortable changing of the film

Automatic cycle with 3 possible wrapping modes (single, cross, rain proof)

Electro Magnetic Clutch for film tension




Standard Features

  • 3 different wrapping programs
  • Easy, simple & self explaining symbols on control panel
  • Electromagnetic Brake for adjustable film tension
  • Adjustable turntable speed (3-12rpm)
  • Adjustable carriage speed (.7 – 4m/min), different for up & down
  • Adjustable top & bottom wraps (1 to 6)
  • Adjustable over lapping
  • Soft start and stop of the turntable by the inverter
  • Fixed stop position of turntable
  • Photocell for automatic height detection
  • Robust and service friendly construction
  • Control light for power supply
  • Emergency stop button for interruption of wrapping cycle



  • Ramps for manual and electric lift truck
  • Pit frame for embedding the machine to use without ramp
  • Manual top sheet dispenser
  • Photocell for black products

Technical Data

Length 2425mm
Width 1500mm
Turntable Size 1500mm
Turntable Height 68mm
Machine Height 2000mm
Max Pallet Dim. 800x1200mm
Max Pallet Height 1900mm
Max Pallet Weight 1500kg
Voltage 240V
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